ACT II - Let’s finish the Show!

Our capital-raising model requires contributions by our community’s leading influencers with the common interest of revitalizing our local REES Theatre. Your generous commitment can be paid over four years.   

Our goal is to raise $3,460,000 by fall 2019 from the local community to stay on track for a 2020 grand opening - which will be the 80th anniversary year for the The REES Theatre.

Once open, we anticipate the annual operating expenses to be $329,000 and we have developed a business plan based on projected, annual event revenues that will sustain the operation. 

Please contribute today and be a part of building a legacy in Plymouth that we can be proud of.

Be A Lead DOnor

Contact us for a personal presentation about the project and be a lead donor to help us reach our goal by the end of 2019.

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Donate Online

Give now and make an impact! Make an online contribution to the REES fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation.

The REES Project Committee

Please contact us to learn more about how to contribute to the next capital phase of the project. 

Fundraising Co-chairs:  
Randy Danielson      
p. 574.286.2391     e.

Donna Pontius    
p. 574.276.3616     e.

Fundraising Team Members:
Randy & Eleanor Danielson, Donna Pontius, Brent Martin, Shelley Heiden, Judy & Bob Lewandowski, Jack Davis, Dawn Smith, Josh Walker, Kyle Davis, Lyn Ward, Brian Montgomery, Lisa Miller, Dennis & Francie Beville, Dan Tyree, Ellen Skinner Bowen, Linda Starr, Dan Flynn, Don Wendel, Riley Heeren, Stan Palmer, Tom & Kelsey Flynn, Chad Driebelbis, Cindy Martin-Milner