Downtown Plymouth Is Placemaking

The REES Joins ten Other Downtown Redevelopment Projects: $19MM in Community Investment

The City of Plymouth, IN has demonstrated a clear commitment to the revitalization of the downtown area to promote economic development, community connection, and an overall increase in the quality of place. Several projects are underway. The REES Theatre provides arts, culture, and education at the center of the downtown redevelopment area. 

  1. The REES Theatre
  2. River Gate South
  3. River Park Square
  4. Downtown Streetscape
  5. Proposed Canoe/Kayak Launch
  6. Marshall County Metronet
  7. Splash Pad
  8. Outdoor Amphitheater
  9. Greenway Riverwalk
  10. Pedestrian Bridge
  11. City Hall / Chamber

The Arts Have a Positive Impact to Our Lives and Economy

The Arts Improve Individual Well-being

The arts give me pure pleasure to experience or participate in     63%

The arts help to lift me up beyond everyday experiences               64%

The arts help me understand other cultures better                       62%

The arts make me feel more creative                                                  58%

Museums, Theatres, Concert Halls

Important to Quality of Life


Museums, Theatres, Concert Halls

Important to Business - Economy


The Arts Unify Our Communities

The arts are a positive experience in a troubled world                 72%

The arts unify us, regardless of age, race, and ethnicity             67%

The arts improve the image and identity of my community             60%

Everyone in my community has equal access to the arts               45%

Economic Impact: $730B and 4.2% of GDP


Source: Americans for the Arts - @ArtsInfoGuy