REES Theater restoration organizers issue fundraising challenge to PHS alumni

(PLYMOUTH, IN) The organizers of the Rees Theater restoration are continuing to push efforts to raise money for emergency fixes at the venue before winter arrives.

Now they hope Plymouth High School alumni can help.

Jack Davis, chair of the Rees Theater’s business plan committee, said organizers are initiating a PHS alumni challenge. He said The Rees Project Committee wants graduating classes to cooperate to see which can raise the most funds for the downtown anchor’s rehab. The winning class of each decade will be able to put a message on the theater’s marquee.

“Remember how we used to chant and brag that our class was the best?” Davis said in a news release announcing the fundraising challenge, which runs through Oct. 15. “Here’s your chance to do that once again while showing your pride and support of a great cause. The committee asks everyone to ‘like’ our Facebook page, share it with your friends, promote the challenge and make a donation.”

Davis said between donations to the theater’s gofundme page and direct check donations, about $5,000 has been raised.

Organizers said in August they hoped to raise about $120,000 for emergency repairs before winter. Masonry issues on the building’s south wall need to be addressed, a new roof needs added and the ceiling needs to be removed.

Members of The Rees Project Committee previously said they’re optimistic they can reach the fundraising goal if word of the project goes viral through social media. The committee is also challenging other county schools to take up the cause.

“It’s one of those things that if we want to move forward, we’ll have to raise it,” Davis said last week.

Davis said plans for the alumni challenge were made about two weeks ago, before hurricanes struck Texas and Florida.

“The Rees Project Committee recognizes that the recent hurricanes and earthquakes have caused tragic and significant loss of life and property,” he said in the news release. “Many of us feel a responsibility to help in multiple ways. As a committee, we certainly acknowledge that desire and responsibility to help our fellow man. We know that the Rees Project is ultimately long term in nature and only ask that when it is appropriate that you remember the Rees and
our plans for continued community development. God bless those in need.”

You can help!
Tax-deductible donations for the Rees Theater can be made in two ways. Checks can be made to Wythougan Valley Preservation Trust – or simply Wythougan – with “Rees Restoration” written in the subject line and dropped off at the Marshall County Historical Museum. Wythougan is the nonprofit group overseeing the theater project until Rees organizers formally obtain federal nonprofit status, which is expected soon.

Or donations can be made online at Donations made online are also through Wythougan and tax deductible. There’s also a 7-minute video at the site. Or visit and search using “Rees Update 8-2017.”
Organizers ask that donors write on the check or online donation their class year.

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