PIDCO pledges $50K to REES Project

At its July Board meeting, voting members unanimously identified The REES Theatre Project as a catalyst for redevelopment in the downtown and a critical component in continuing to attract residential growth that will support business and industry.   It was agreed to invest a total of $50,000. into The REES Project over a period of four years.  This capital investment into the downtown business district will further support ongoing efforts of economic development in and around Plymouth.  “The sole purpose of this corporation has always been; to drive economic development through investment and that mission continues today.” stated current Board President Mike Miley.  “PIDCO has evolved over the course of time and continues in its quest to secure industrial growth in association with the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation along with a focus on the retail sector.”

Co-chair of The REES Project, Randy Danielson and his wife Eleanor attended the meeting and Danielson stated; “We were extremely pleased with the Boards level of financial support and commitment in joining the City of Plymouth and many others who are striving to meet the October 31st Regional Cities deadline to capture a $300,000. matching grant.”

Sixty-one years ago the Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation – PIDCO, was established on July 9th 1957 and began selling 6,000 shares of common stock to raise capital for the purpose of making Plymouth more attractive and desirable for new industrial, business and housing development to advance the economy of Plymouth and the surrounding area.

The founding of PIDCO was described in an article published in the January 22, 1980 edition of the Chicago Tribune that described two brothers; Walter and Charles Glaub as two florid, friendly gentleman who run the G & G Supermarket.  Walter described how in the mid 50’s a Michigan based company tried to set up a factory in Plymouth but they didn’t want to buy a building, so they didn’t come.  That very loss led to PIDCO.   The initial sale of stock in 1957 led to the selling of 3,200 shares at $50.00 a share to 290 residents.

“This gave us $116,000.” Glaub said. “With this money we started talking to another Michigan company, the Young Door Co.  We said. ‘What if we built your plant, didn’t charge you a down payment, sold it to you on a 15 year deal?’  They accepted.”  The company operated by two brothers, Bill and Robert, moved in 1959 into a 32,000 square foot building at the north end of Western Avenue.  The corporate headquarters were moved to Plymouth and it evolved into a 120,000 square foot building currently occupied and further expanded by American Containers Corporation operated by the Isban Family.

Bill and Mary Young former co-owners of the Young Door Co. provided Plymouth a gift in The Young Amphitheater.  Successors to that location Leonard and JoAnn Isban established and continue to support the successes of the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County.  This is only one example of how Plymouth benefited from the existence of the Plymouth Economic Development Corporation.  We should be ever grateful to the following eleven founding members and their personal contributions to the Plymouth community and how they were identified in 1957…

  • Max Ball – Owner and operator of Ball Motor Sales.  Past City Councilman and active participant in civic affairs.
  • Ernest Bixel – Mayor of Plymouth, Indiana.  Co-owner of Don’s Sporting Goods, and Democrat County Chairman.
  • Rosetta Casbon – Owner and operator of local Coca-Cola plant in Plymouth, Indiana.  A capable business woman, mother and housewife.
  • Walter Glaub – Co-Owner of G & G Supermarket.  Experienced civic servant and member of Plymouth Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • Charles Howard – Owner and operator of feed and seed company in Plymouth.  Active in school and civic projects, with wide and diversified business and civic experience, both in our community and other communities.
  • Dr. James Kubley – A medical doctor in general practice in the community.  Former President of Marshall County Medical Association and active in medical, hospital, and civic affairs of the community.
  • Andrew Metheny – Active in Farm Bureau and Insurance businesses.  Wide experience and background in community agricultural affairs.
  • N.B. Pete Merriman – Owner and operator of Merriman’s Grocery (now NaRie’s next to The REES) and Farm Operations Business, farm and real estate experience in our community.
  • Lee O’Connell – Owner and operator of Plymouth Building and former owner of the Ross Hotel.  Former President Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Inc. with extensive civic service, particularly in industrial affairs of the community.
  • Dr. L. W. Vore – Medical Doctor in general practice of Medicine.  Former County Coroner and County Health Officer.
  • Deane Walker – Public relations officer of the State Exchange Bank.  Former State and Marshall County Superintendent of Schools, wide experience and holder of many positions in State and County government.

As described, they were not commonly industrialists but rather merchants and professionals who were concerned with the economic status of Plymouth and took an active role in bringing about change for future generations.  PIDCO is a living testament of a true legacy.