Rescue Dog Helps Rescue Rees Theatre


Jamie Fleury

Staff Writer

Monday, March 4, 2019


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‘Arriah’ has raised over $1,000 for the REES Theater Project.

Arriah’s owner, Denny Bottorff serves on the REES Project Committee and volunteers time to embellish the recently re-lit marquee.

Arriah, who Bottorff affectionately refers to as his ‘marquee mutt’ because she often accompanies him while he volunteers, has drawn attention from people passing by.

As a result of their interactions with Arriah, as she has faithfully stood watch in front of the REES, many donated to the cause or purchased renovated REES seats.

Bottorff adopted Arriah over 10 years ago.

She is a mixed breed and her exact age is unknown to him at this time.

Bottorff estimates 13 as she was a few years old when he got her.

If you multiply her age by 7 for ‘dog years’, Arriah is over 90 years ‘young’.

Bottorff found Arriah as a stray. She was seriously undernourished and in ill health.

He patiently gained her trust, brought her home, and nourished her back to health.

She has been his best friend ever since.

Now, this rescued canine companion is helping rescue the REES Theater.

Bottorff explained, “She wasn’t meant to be used as a marketing gimmick of any kind. She just goes with me everywhere and people were drawn to her. Bill Langdon and I would be working on restoring REES seats with the theater doors propped open, or I would be putting up the marquee. People would stop and pet her and that’s how the conversation started.”

Bottorff is a ‘vintage movie geek’.

He shared that was part of what appealed to him about volunteering for the REES project.

“I want to see families have the opportunity to enjoy watching movies here like I got to when I was a kid.”

Bottorff can’t help but contain his excitement when he shares about the limitless possibilities that the REES offers.

“People have so many memories of the REES. For me, it’s really about giving people an opportunity to continue to experience the REES with their families and share many more.”

Anyone interested in helping Arriah raise money for her ‘good paws’ can contact members of the REES Project Committee through Facebook.

More information about the REES renovation can be found online at

The re-illumination of the vintage marquee restored some relevant fabric to historic downtown Plymouth.

The REES has launched ACT II to finish the capital campaign in hopes to reach their goal of opening the REES in 2020 which would be the 80th anniversary year of the REES had it remained open.