Dec. 29, 2016 - Announcement of Danielson Gift to Wythougan Valley Preservation Council to purchase the historic REES THEATRE



Jan. 26, - Property is conveyed to Wythougan Valley Preservation Council.

Feb. 2, - First Town Hall Meeting held at The Wild Rose Moon 60+ in attendance.

  • Those present were challenged to ‘Imagine The Possibilities’

  • Ideas gathered were in support of having musicals, recitals, travelogues, community meeting space, an event center, Saturday movie matinees, children’s theater, ecumenical church services, dinner theaters, comedy club, and corporate training center.

April 22, 23  - Community Tour of the REES, open to the Public

  •  Press release sent to media and community supporters.

  •  Plymouth Chamber sent release to 800 Chamber members

  • Radio stations donated commercials

  • Members of The REES Theatre Committee talk on MAX and WTCA radio                         stations in Plymouth

  • Facebook and Instagram posts

Oct. - Participated in downtown community scarecrow contest – REES - 2nd place –

Aug. - REES Presentation at Town Hall Meeting (Wild Rose Moon stage)

Dec. - Marshall County Historical Society Quarterly – Plymouth Theatres, highlighting   

            the history of The REES Theatre



Winter - Crossroads Newsletter by Marshall County Museum – article on REES Theatre           

            with proposed plan and fundraising information

Jan. – NIPSCO TV commercial with The REES Theatre in 3 of the 5 commercials they            

            aired on South Bend/Elkhart stations and Prime Time Olympics

Feb. -  REES Theatre presents ‘Show Your Theatre Some Love’ campaign

  • Brochure and posters distributed to banks, tourism, chamber, museum & available at REES

  • Playbills placed on the exterior of the theatre

    • Press release sent to media and community supporters

    • Plymouth Chamber sent release to 800 Chamber members

    • Radio stations donated commercials

    • Members of The REES Theatre Committee talk on MAX and WTCA radio        stations in Plymouth

  •   Plymouth Chamber gave The REES the front window display at their location

  •   Facebook and Instagram posts

  •   Newspaper ads promoting campaign, placement donated by the newspaper.

May -  PHS students record video to promote sale of theater seats as fundraiser.

June - “An evening of  R & R” the Rail and the Rees. Area restaurant/bar, Brass Rail hosted a           fundraising event. Newspaper ads, radio commercials and posters distributed.

Aug. - “Supportin’ & Pullin’ for the REES, Pulled pork Fund Raiser. (Coffee Lodge & Bakery) Dine in or carry out - Radio commercials (donated)

  • Newspaper ads (donated)

Sept. - SAVE THE REES - Displayed moving banner in Blueberry Festival Parade

  • After parade, banner went to Parks Dept. on main street in Plymouth for 6 mo.

  • REES Theatre - newspaper ad, sharing the plan and thanking community for continued support.

  • Downtown Plymouth Historic Walking Tour - “A Night to Remember”

  • Presented by the Marshall County Historical Society and Tri Kappa Sorority REES Theatre was part of the tour and reached people we had not seen before.

  • Radio Commercials - three commercials on ways to donate to the REES.

  • Newspaper ads - four ads on ways to donate to the REES.

  • Business Connections ad by NIPSCO’s Business Energy Efficiency Programs

Oct. - “Puttin’ on the REES” Fundraiser, an evening of festivity, sharing the plan and raising money with silent and live auction items (300 attended)

  • Newspaper ads, posters, radio, online advertising.

  • ‘Participated in downtown community scarecrow contest - REES - 3rd place news ad acknowledging the winners.

Nov. - Shop Small Business Day in downtown Plymouth, REES open for tours.

  • Downtown Christmas Sidewalk Days - REES open with carolers.

Dec. - Newspaper Special Charity Tabloid - placed ad that shared money raised to date.

  • Window Display in Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.



Feb. - “Act II’ Campaign launched - Playbills at theatre, brochures, poster distributed radio   commercials, online.

Mar. - Marshall County Historical Museum -Window Display

Apr. - REES SCREEN TEST – Trivia Night Fundraiser

  • Advertised with posters, newspaper ads, radio commercials and online.

May - Andy Davis & Little Orphan Andy Concert Fundraiser - Posters, tent cards, online advertising.

  • Pilot News –Window Display


MARQUEE Changes  2017 - 39 messages       2018 - 132 messages      2019 - 96 messages




A)   REES Theatre Seats

B)    REES T-shirts

C)    REES Jewelry

D)   REES Greeting Cards, Christmas and all-occasion

E)    REES Marquee Messages

F)    REES Marquee Sponsorship of the Month



REES item sales

Marshall County Historical Museum

Heartland Artists Gallery

Fernbaugh’s Jewelers

PHS Alumni All Class Challenge

Indian Motorcycle Raffle – Evan & Darla Gast

‘R & R’ at the Brass Rail

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Sale – Coffee Lodge & Bakery

Opie’s Office

Puttin’ on the REES Gala – Christo’s Banquet Center

King’s Jewelry

REES Screen Test Trivia Night – Knights of Columbus

Plymouth High School Play/Bob Pickell

Plymouth High School Variety Show/Bob Pickell

Andy Davis/Little Orphan Andy Concerts – River Park Square




April - ‘Council approves rebate for Rees work’ - Pilot News

April - ‘An event is coming to a theater near you’ - Pilot News

April - ‘NIPSCO Becomes REES First Corporate Sponsor’ - Area newspapers, Radio, TV

May - ‘NIPSCO retrofitting Rees’ marquee with LEDs’ - Pilot News

May - ‘REES Endowment Fund established’ – Pilot News

June - ‘Regional Cities money sought for REES Theatre’ - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘Community meeting next week for REES Theatre - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘Rees Theatre group seeks public help for urgent work’ - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘Business Plan unveiled for Rees Theatre project’ - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘How to Help’ – Pilot News

Aug. - ‘Rees Theatre restoration organizers issue fundraising challenge to PHS alumni’ -                     Pilot News

Sep. - ‘Purchase your favorite Seat’ - Pilot News

Sep. - ‘Rees qualifies fir $300K Regional Cities funding’ - Pilot News

Oct. - ‘Work progressing at Rees Theater’ - Pilot News

Oct. - ‘Rees, Wild Rose Moon among groups to get MCCF grant money’ - Pilot News

Nov. - ‘Organizers: Phase I of Rees Theatre Update complete’ - Pilot News

Nov. - ‘Rees seating on sale Saturday at theater’ - Pilot News

Dec. - ‘2017 year in Review’ - Pilot News

Dec. - ‘Commercial featuring REES to hit TV in February’ - Pilot News



Jan. - ‘Crew expected to film Rees for NIPSCO commercial’ - Pilot News

Jan. -  ‘It’s time to tell some stories’ - Pilot News

Feb. - ‘The Rees launches “Show Your Theatre Some Love’ - Pilot News

Feb. - ‘River Rises in Plymouth’ – Pilot News

Feb. - ‘Rees Theater organizers energized for 2018’- Life in Marshall County Tabloid -

            Pilot News

Mar. - ‘Plymouth council approves TIF funds for REES’ –Not for Profit Directory - Pilot    News

Apr. - ‘Rees Theater gets Regional Cities extension’ - Pilot News

May - ‘ Plymouth students share their talent with REES’ - Pilot News

May - ‘R & R’ Thursday to raise funds for REES Project - Pilot News

May - ‘Can public help solve mystery connected to downtown landmark’ - Pilot News

           (find location of art deco decoration that once adorned the Rees Theatre)

June - ‘Rees Theatre Project reaches halfway point in initial fundraising push’- Pilot News

June - ‘Restaurateurs donate $1K to Rees’ - Pilot News

June - ‘Bremen, Triton grads give $100K to Rees’ - Pilot News

July - ‘PIDCO pledges $50K for Rees restoration’ - Pilot News

July - ‘Rees Theater gets more time to apply for matching grant money’ - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘Rees stage will honor former music teacher Bob Pickell’ - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘The Rees future depends on you today, Donate by Oct 31’ - Pilot News

Aug. - ‘Volunteers needed for Rees demo work next Saturday’ - Pilot News

Sept. - ‘Organizers: Saturday work at Rees a success’ - Pilot News

Sept. - ‘Journey towards Success, Hoosier Tire donates $50K’ - Pilot News

Sept. 28 - WSBT TV - Lauren Becker, video for News cast

Oct. - ‘Organizers: Friday event for Rees raised about $150K’ - Pilot News

Oct. 4 - ABC 57 TV - video on REESPROJECT.COM

Oct. - ‘Oct. 31 deadline for Rees quickly approaching’ - Pilot News

Oct. - ‘Still not an impossibility’ - Pilot News

Oct. - ‘Message from Mayor Mark Senter’- Puttin’ on the REES event - Pilot News

Oct. - ‘Witching hour on Halloween is deadline to help Rees reach goal’ - Pilot News

Nov. -‘Rees reaches matching grant goal’ - Pilot News

Nov. - ‘King’s Jewelry supports local Rees Theatre project with special purchase’ - Pilot    News

Dec. - ‘Mayor presented with commemorative Rees seats’ - Pilot News

Dec. - ‘Old and new memories of Santa at the REES’ - Pilot News

Dec. - ‘No lump of coal for Rees’ - Pilot News

Dec. - ‘A marquee proposal’ - Pilot News



Jan. 23 - WNDU TV - video covering 1st Source Grant to REES

Jan. - ‘Year-end donations announced for Rees’ - Pilot News

Jan. - ‘1st Source Bank donates $50K to Rees’ - Pilot News

Feb. - ‘The Rees Theatre, Inc.’ - Pilot News

Feb. – ‘Rescue dog helps rescue REES’ - Pilot News

Mar. - ‘LaPaz Lions makes contribution’ - Pilot News

Mar. - Lane Laffoon designs Rees ‘Stewie’ - Pilot News

Mar. - ‘June Benefit Concert planned for Rees’ - Pilot News

Apr. - ‘Seven Years of college down the drain named ‘Stewie’ Champs’ - Pilot News

Apr. - ‘Early summer concert set to raise funds for Rees’ - Pilot News

Apr. - ‘ Public Hearing Monday on proposed $500K state grant for Rees Theater’ - Pilot    News

Apr. - ‘Stewie’ award to be handed out tonight’ - Pilot News

Apr. - Tickets remain for Rees Screen Tesr trivia fundraiser’ - Pilot News

May - ‘2 concerts in 1 day to benefit the Rees’ - Pilot New

May - ‘International Musician Andy Davis to perform June 22’ - Pilot News

May - ‘CDBG sought for Rees Theatre’ - Pilot News

June - ‘Plymouth B.O.W. approves street closures’ - Pilot News