Project Overview

The REES Theatre Project offers to the city of Plymouth a unique opportunity to continue its revitalization efforts with the development of a year-round feature for community connection. The events offered at the theater will help create a downtown that promotes pedestrian activity, hospitality business, and provides a destination for visitors and community members alike. Investment in The REES Theatre project offers the downtown  a redevelopment project that is grounded in both sustainable development and community-centered growth. By anchoring the current progress with The REES Theatre project, the downtown revitalization of Plymouth, Indiana will better the overall quality of place and help us move forward in a systematic and synergistic manner that encompasses housing, goods and services - providing a vibrant community presence. 

Click image above for a video tour of the renovation plan. 

Financial Goals

Our goal is to secure $3,460,000 by fall 2019 from members of the community and beyond to stay on track for a 2020 grand reopening, which will be the 80th anniversary year for The REES Theatre.

By October 31, 2018 the community of philanthropic giving was able to meet a challenge grant goal of $1.5MM to receive a matching grant of $300,000 from the Regional Cities Initiative. This was again matched by the City of Plymouth - Redevelopment Commission in the amount of $575,000 and placed on the 2019 project list. On December 28, 2018, the Plymouth City Council unanimously voted to sponsor an OCRA grant application on behalf of The REES Project Committee.

An estimated $850,000 is still needed to take this reconstruction to bid.

Once open, we anticipate the annual operating expenses to be $329,000 and we have developed a business plan based on projected, annual event revenues that will sustain its operation.

Project Floorplans

Three-level floorplan

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Banquet floorplan layout

Theater / auditorium floorplan layout

The Phases of Construction

Phase 1 (Exterior): this phase is complete and focused on improving the overall aesthetic quality of the theatre's Art Deco facade as well as efficient operation of the marquee. This improvement gives a nostalgic impact on the downtown Plymouth streetscape, including an opportunity to promote community events through a prominent signage point.

Phase 2 (Exterior): this phase focuses on the continuation of the exterior renovation and an overall revamping of the structural and utilitarian components of the theater. Included in this phase are improvements to the roof, masonry, foundation, exterior HVAC units, water and fire protection service, electric service, and streetscape/connectivity. This phase will complete all the necessary repairs to the building envelope. 

Phase 3 (Interior): this phase focuses on the redesign and restoration of the theater 's interior space for multi-purpose use. The theater will be brought up to code for all structural, mechanical/electrical components, and accessibility requirements. Additionally, the interior design will be reconfigured to allow for the utilization of the space in a variety of formats: event center (receptions, parties), live productions, seminars, and film presentation. 

Planned Events

The auditorium is designed in tiers with flexible seating flanked by ADA compliant ramps, accommodating the following types of events:

  • Concerts

  • Theatrical / Live Performances

  • Dinner Theater

  • Speakers / Seminars

  • Worship / Assemblies

  • Exhibits

  • Weddings, Receptions and Reunions

  • Gathering place to celebrate community milestones

  • Film Presentation: seasonal themes, classics, intergenerational and multicultural selections

Educational opportunities:

  • Children’s Summer Theater Camps

  • Interdisciplinary Events with Area Schools

  • Technical Schools and Higher Education Programs

  • Health and Wellness Programs

  • Livestream National/World Events & Performances

  • Workforce Development / Job Training Site

  • Corporate Training and Continuing Education

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Community Leadership / Speaker Series

Project Specifications

Auditorium Seating Capacity:  
168 – 290

  • Main Level – 2,451 sq. ft.

    • Performance and film seating: 253

    • Banquet seating, rectangular tables: 168

    • Banquet seating, round tables: 126

  • Stage Level Seating - 516 sq. ft.

    • Banquet seating, rectangular tables: 24

    • Banquet seating, round tables: 16

  • Balcony Level - 522 sq. ft.

    • Performance and movie seating: 38

    • Banquet seating, rectangular tables: 26

  • Balcony Level Restrooms and Drink Station

Performance Stage:
516 Square Feet

  • Proscenium: 22 feet wide by 16 feet tall

  • Stage Depth and Width at Center Stage: 20 feet by 29 feet

  • Movie Screen: 22 feet wide by 14 feet tall

  • LED/Green Screen: 28 feet wide by 16 feet tall

Acoustics, Sound, and Lighting

  • Advanced Technology in Visual Projection and Digital Audio

  • Acoustically Engineered Auditorium Space

  • Sound and Lighting Control Booth

Performer’s Spaces:   
378 Square Feet

  • Men’s and Women’s Dressing Rooms

  • Wardrobe Room

  • Performer’s Lounge and restroom

Catering Kitchen:   
184 Square Feet

  • Proofing Cabinets, stainless steel sinks and work surfaces

Concessions and Bar:  
138 Square Feet

  • Snack Food and Soft Drinks served facing the Lobby

  • Alcoholic Beverages served facing the Auditorium

Front Lobby:
478 Square Feet

  • Two ADA Compliant restrooms

  • Coat Check


  • Men’s and Women’s Restrooms

  • Balcony accesses with drink service station

Restored Third Floor

  • Art Deco inspired open space conference/lounge area featuring a Roof Top Deck